Digital Impact Consultants got our name because we offer business marketing as well as consulting. We grow your business by offering a process that focuses on the bottom line which is most important. Digital Marketing campaigns that are customized to maximize results for your particular operation. The focus is on offering a return on investment for your marketing dollars. This is done by optimizing conversions or by increasing the number of leads that turn into paying customers. Our approach is driven by data and results.

Our mission statement is to create outstanding marketing campaigns for our clients that build authority and trust for their brand. Our process will always provide an ROI for marketing budgets and have a positive impact on their bottom line.

Our three step process starts with a free no obligation competitive analysis. We want to determine how your competition is getting business and how much potential business we can send you using our proprietary systems and processes. The purpose of this exercise is to determine how much money your business can make from implementing one of our digital marketing plans.

The first step is to setup an informal meeting so we can gather all the information needed to put together your customized competitive analysis. Next, we setup up a time to deliver your customized report and go over the data. The last step is for us to present you with a marketing plan customized to achieve the results based on the data in the competitive analysis.

Our Guarantee is result focused. We guarantee a specific number of leads over a 6 month window that will generate more profit than the cost of the marketing plan. Unlike most $99 discount SEO companies that promise to rank your site number one, we focus on a comprehensive digital marketing strategy that is focused on results. We also measure your leads in the first month to be sure they are converting into paying customers. All packages include an initial half price trial rate until your website ranks on page one. There is no commitment, you can cancel at any time. We guarantee qualified leads in addition to website rank on google.