Local SEO – Offpage Optimization

In the old days 97% of your rank was based on off page factors. When google launched over a decade ago what made them different was that spammers couldn’t game the system by over optimizing their site for rankings. The secret sauce that google used was smart because it made it tougher for cheaters to rank sites. They based a sites ranking on who was linking to you. An entire industry was developed with numerous ways to generate inbound links to game the system. Over time google became more complex in their ranking algorithm. It has always been against google’s TOS to cheat.

Our goal is to provide trust and authority to your website. We utilize what we consider white hat techniques to achieve this. Our process is based on doing what real businesses should do or what we term best practices to brand your business.

1) Press Release – We get real news organizations to publish real news about your business.

2) Citations – This is just a fancy name for getting your site listed on all the important review sites such as yelp, four squared, city search and other important high authority sites.

3) Web 2.0 – You have a right to clam your brands user name on web 2.0 sites. We set up profiles on all the important web 2.0 sites such as wordpress.com, twitter, facebook, youtube, and other important authoritative sites. This is important to protect the integrity of your brand from squatters and helps make you appear like a legitimate operation with a strong web presence.

4) Authoritative Links – Real legitimate businesses are listed and registered at places such as the Better Business Bureau, Local Chamber of Commerce, and other trade and professional organizations.

5) Google Plus or Google My Business – This is the area that allows management of your google maps listing.

6) Guest Blog

There is a lot of steps here but the key is to do it the right way to build your brands trust and authority. These are industry best practices that are crucial for all effective digital marketing campaigns. Developing an effective social presence is no longer optional in todays business environment, it is required. A decade ago businesses would buy a full page listing in their local yellow pages, this was very expensive but was an effective investment for growing the businesses bottom line.