Local SEO – Onpage Optimization

These days onpage optimization is more important than ever. Quality content is king. The number one thing we like to recommend is for sites to build at least 4 extra pages for each of their important keywords or service categories. This establishes relevancy signals on your domain making it easier to rank. This also applies the cities or areas you service.

The following is a check list of the issues we address for all clients.

1) Title Tags – most important onpage factor. Every page should have a unique title tag.

2) Testimonials – Ideally we want to get these from your reviews so we include reputation management for all local clients. This is also a conversion factor.

3) NAP (Name Address Phone Number) – should be on all pages.

4) Google Maps – Properly embedded map of your location.

5) Local Authority – Such as Better Business Bureau

6) LSI Keywords (Latent Semantic Indexing) – No over optimization instead of repeating the keywords we use synonyms.

7) Bounce Rate – Google Analytics installed to monitor bounce rate. Videos and interactivity added

8) Images – Alt tags are used but most importantly we add location meta data to your images.

9) Schema – (Rich Snippet) Don’t know about this? That’s okay let us do it for you.

This is the check list we address with all new clients to make sure the site has proper onpage optimization issues addressed. If it sounds confusing let us help make these changes to your site. You can read more about our process here.