Phoenix Seo

What makes for the best Phoenix SEO service? There are a lot of companies probably spamming your email box on a daily basis. I’m sure you have seen this before, “Get #1 Rank On Google $99 Month!” Or what we hear even more often is I hired an seo company and saw zero results. Our process is a lot different than most other SEO companies. First of all in order to get you real long lasting results it costs us more than $99 a month. We use numerous tools because we want to be able to provide you with an advantage over your competition. It’s important to keep in mind the economics of business. If someone can make X number of dollars by investing Y dollars they are going to do it if there is a positive return on that investment. Unless you are in an industry that has no competition someone else sees that investment as worthwhile. In finance there is a concept called market efficiency theory. Basically what that means is that if there is new positive news about a particular investment or new risk involved in it, then it is priced into the valuation already if that opportunity is on the open market. As the internet matures and most if not almost all businesses recognize they need to embrace online marketing to succeed the arbitrage opportunity disappears. The question you should be asking yourself is there an advantage to hiring a local SEO that understands my specific location. If your business depends on geo-location factors then the answer is probably yes. You want to work with a digital marketing agency in Arizona. If you are in complicated industry you might need an expert that knows your industry. There is no specific right answer for everyone.

Here are somethings to look for before hiring or getting into a contract.

1) Does the company promise a ROI on marketing investment? If they make that promise do they provide evidence to prove how they achieve that?

2) Is there some kind of guarantee? Do they stand behind their service? Remember no one controls google and even google can’t provide you with an exact action plan. The google algorithm is designed to predict random results. The very nature in doing that effectively creates a moving target.

3) Does the service only provide top search engine ranking or do they incorporate additional online strategies? While being number one for your keyword and city combination might make you feel good the reality is that is just for vanity. There are tons of what we call long tail keywords that offer smaller results individually but cumulatively offer a much more massive positive result.

4) Real digital marketing services sell what we call authority and trust to your brand which offers long term results. When your domain becomes the authority for your keyword you get 100x more traffic.

5) Does the SEO company offer on page optimization consultation. As google becomes more advanced on page issues are becoming more important especially if you are looking for long term results that last.

6) Are issues of site conversions addressed? Effective sites maximize all qualified visitors.

7) Is a re-targeting program included with the service? You do not want to just re-target website visitors but also visitors to your Facebook page.

8) Video Marketing is the fastest growing segment of online marketing, Does your provider offer this service?