There is a 3 step process. First we hold an informal meeting with you to compile information about your business. In order to put together a thorough competitive analysis we need to know some simple specific things about your business. Second we present the findings to you and explain to you how we came to the conclusions.  Once you understand the data it will give you a clear picture of what you need to do to grow your business.  Third we put together a custom digital marketing program specific to your company’s needs. Every program and proposal is customized specifically for you. The first goal is to determine if you can afford to do what is required to smash the competition and become the industry leader.  The next goal is to outline the exact process of what needs to be done to achieve these results.  The last goal is to prove to you that it makes financial sense or at least help you look at the data to determine if it does not make financial sense.

Our process is geared to turn your brand into the trusted authority. We don’t use black hat temporary techniques to achieve results.  Our program is designed to be long lasting and very profitable. We never lock our customers into a contract in fact we stand behind our marketing campaigns with a money back guarantee, if you don’t turn a profit on your marketing investment we offer a full refund. The reason we can offer this guarantee is because we know how to generate profitable leads and we don’t take on clients that will not benefit from online marketing.

Think about the process like this.  You are competing with other businesses who know they can make money doing what you are doing.  The more profitable the campaign the more competition and the greater the expense.  We want to determine the best strategy to win and create a ROI.