Site Conversions

This is one aspect of digital marketing that is often missed. The industry average is a 10% conversion ratio. This means that 1 out of 10 visitors to your site contact you to inquire about your service. This can be either a click to call if they are on a mobile device or they fill out a contact form or place an order.

The bad news is that a lot of times in the SEO world the only thing people talk about is bounce rate. In other words the number of visitors who navigate away from the site after only visiting one page. The reason for this is because it is a ranking factor and with good reason. It’s the best way for search engines to figure out if the content on the site is really what the surfer is looking for. Let’s be honest if people are finding you page for a term that is unrelated to your service then it’s useless traffic anyway. Not to imply that bounce rate is irrelevant, but there is something a lot more important. The most important metric for a website is conversions.

Another metric talked about frequently is even less important for conversion profitability. This metric is time onsite. Again this is a ranking metric so the SEO world cares about it. Our position about the onsite metric is that your site needs video. Video is the single best way to increase time on site. The reason video is important is that 3 out of 5 consumers watch a video before making a purchase. The metric isn’t particularly important for profitability but it is an indication that if you have a low visitor on site number you need to add a video. Our recommendation is to have a bunch of video as a great way of adding quality content to your site.

The best way to insure a high conversion rate is to have a great call to action. Good examples would be a free consultation or some kind of opt in form to capture the visitors email in exchange for a discount to new customers. Once you capture an email address you have the opportunity to contact them again. Building an email list of qualified potential customers is a great way to maximize your websites profitability.

The best recommendation we can make to clients to ensure that they have a high conversion rate is an effective site design. We have tested tons of different page layouts but the data doesn’t lie. There are certain factors that your site needs to convert. We have worked with a lot of clients over the years who put vanity over profits and wanted fancy site designs. Most of the time this caused low conversion rates. Below is an example of an effective site design.

Some of the elements needed to optimize conversions are:
1) Mobile friendly coding with a click to call button.
2) Header with navigation, logo, contact information that doesn’t take up a lot of real estate above the fold.
3) Slider that offers one slide for each of your main offerings. At least 3 sliders.
4) Contact form to the right of the slider.
5) Call to action right below the slider.
6) Pop up email capture with call to action
7) Summary of your services.
8) Testimonials
9) About us video that explains what we do and why we do it.
10) More detailed text about your operation.
11) Footer with name address phone number, google map, and social media icons.

This is the magic sauce but it has to be designed simple very much like the template bellow.


Site conversions are only one step in our digital marketing campaign process.