Youtube Channel


We brand your business by building a youtube channel. Every week you get a new video and the video is ranked. Channels are designed to get videos and subscribers and drive traffic to your website resulting is qualified leads. Out of all the different types of advertising not just online but including print, radio and television there is nothing more effective and cheaper than YouTube.  Imagine getting qualified views of your video by people interested in your service that are local to your operation that costs a fraction of the price.  Small businesses are slow to embrace advertising opportunities for video online. The value added reason to engage in paid video advertising is that it helps build your brand and your YouTube video channel.  What we do for our clients is build a youtube video channel that will exist long term even without advertising buys.  We create a list of topics for your videos based on all the questions your customers  continually ask.  We also put up videos based on what they should be asking.  We create some simple commercials that can be used for marketing.  Best of all you don’t have to get in front of the camera because we can hire an actor to deliver your message in the most professional way possible.  The videos are drip feed to your channel weekly while we market them online.  It’s important to know that YouTube is the second most used place for searches after google. Video is also the best way to build trust and authority to your social media profiles. Customers trust video because they can see in motion what they are going to buy.

We have experience building YouTube channels effectively so that video get views and can not only rank when searched on YouTube but can also show up when they are searched on google.  We do extensive keyword research for the development of your YouTube profile as well as making sure that the production of the video includes the topics your clients will be searching for.